Did you ever wonder how a used car dealership works? From time to time we get that question from our customers and are happy to share our experiences because we love the used car business. Auto dealerships are typically split between new and used vehicles for sale. New car dealerships are almost always affiliated with a manufacturer and an essentially serves as the retail outlet that is directly connected with the factory and the current year's models. New car dealerships usually sell used and certified pre-owned vehicles but in a lot of cases those cars were accepted as a trade in for a new model. 

Used car dealerships are generally not affiliated with any specific auto manufacturer and are typically on their own to create inventory through used car auctions or trade-ins. For H and S Autos, we are fortunate to be part of the Dan Perkins Automotive family alone with Honda of Westport in Westport, CT and Dan Perkins Subaru and Dan Perkins Used Car Superstore in Milford, CT. This relationship affords us to offer our customers a significantly larger variety of used car inventory behind the collective strength of our group. In addition, we can boast about having the most Hondas and Subarus available in Connecticut.

The goal of any successful used car dealership is to acquire a wide selection of quality cars to fill all consumer needs and desires. Therefore, it is important to not only diversify our selection by make and model but to also offer a wide variety of sedans, trucks, SUVs, and hatchbacks. At H&S, that means making sure that we have a continuous stock of Mercedes Benz, Audi, and BMWs as well as trucks, minivans, and wagons. We are also careful when acquiring new inventory because we back every car we sell with a Lifetime Warranty. Try to find other used car dealers with such an attractive offering. 

Come on down to Stratford and stop by H and S Autos. We have a terrific selection, an outstanding partnership with Dan Perkins and if you are looking for something specific, let us that too. We will be back at the auction this week.